Daniel J. Flore III

Daniel J. Flore III's poems have appeared in many publications. He is the author of three Amazon bestselling poetry books from GenZ Publishing: Lapping Water, Humbled Wise Men Christmas Haikus, and Home and other places I've yet to see.

bodily fluid

when she touched my cock with her fingers I came instantaneously when she kissed me for the last time I bled for 20 years I'm afraid of someday maybe brushing against her unknowingly in the street  

The Exxon Poems

I came there because nothing was happening so did everybody else and this is what transpired... seeds praying somewhere in the hard gravel of Exxon like quicksand ex cons they got away with most of their shit the cops could never figure you out which one did what because they had the same name The fuzz would show up at...

siren in the pool light fuzz

another fucking boring night of light blue ripples of poolwater dumb white lights over steam haze black night snooze and what's left of the cheap beer my wife's been passed out for three hours I drank the good wine in the sun of the afternoon that feels like a thousand days ago I'm listening to some lounge chair...