I’m down to $34
I’ve checked for the government stimulus check 7,000 times
it’s almost like it doesn’t want to enter my bank account

does it think I’ll waste it on cigarettes?
I didn’t raise the taxes on cigarettes
so it’s not my fault if that happens
it will be the stimulus check’s parents who are to blame for that

don’t be afraid little stimulus
I won’t take you to the casino
although triple 7s has a nice ring to it
if you just listen
you’ll hear it make you bigger and stronger
but a bunch of bar cherry 7s and the house will take you
you’ll live in the house
it won’t be so bad
but it will be horrible for me
I’ll miss you so much
you don’t wanna go to the casino because you have to tip the drink servers a dollar for a tiny bottle of water?
I hear ya

I don’t know what you want to do with my stimulus check
the strip club?
oooh you’re nasty
we’d be Kings of Screwzy’s Lounge
we could make it rain
we could really get stimulated there

Image Credit:Blogging Guide

Daniel J. Flore III’s poem have appeared in many publications. He is the author of three poetry books from GenZ Publishing. They are Lapping Water, Humbled Wise Men Christmas Haikus, and Home and other places I’ve yet to see.