Yeah, she looks really happy bra. Sittin’ there bored as hell on her phone. She needs a man like me, just off my bike with my long hair gliding, like the way I ride. Is this how you treat your lady bra? Just let her sit there while you write in that notepad? You think she won’t look at me bra? Wait till I take my shirt off. You think facebook and your jelly belly is gonna keep her from lookin’? Your lady’s ‘bout to drink up my six pack bra. Ahh, there we go, yeah she’s lookin’. When you gonna realize your lady be lookin’ at men like me all the time. You’re livin’ in a fantasy world bra. She sees men like me and wishes for them. Maybe I’ll come over there and give her a better look, just walk by and say hi as I pass your table. Make her night, since you haven’t made her night in a long time. You can’t give her what she desires so she looks elsewhere. That’s when I show up and tame her beast a little. And all this time you thought she was happy with you? Look at her lookin’. Bet you don’t have the balls to look and see if she’s lookin’ at me.

Image Credit:Bálint Szabó

Daniel J. Flore III’s poems have appeared in many publications.  His fifth poetry book, WRITTEN IN THE DUST ON THE CEILING FAN, can be found here.