another fucking boring night
of light blue ripples of poolwater
dumb white lights
over steam haze black night snooze
and what’s left of the cheap beer
my wife’s been passed out for three hours
I drank the good wine
in the sun of the afternoon
that feels like a thousand days ago
I’m listening to some lounge chair bitches
trying to show me
that what’s on their phones
is important
trying to convince themselves too, I guess
I’d like to throw my cousin’s flip flops in the pool
I hate them so much
so dumb rugged casual snob brown
probably cost a few people their self esteem
a few weak people that is
he thinks he’s a cowboy with his bud ice hat brim pulled over his eyes
pretending to be laid out on the on the range or some shit
motherfucker is in marketing!
I don’t know, I’m hoping the CD will change soon and so will the season
I pull my hair back
and there she is
like little bits of pool of glimmer
emerging from underwater
I didn’t even know anyone was in the pool still
I was about to go home
but not now
she’s topless
with two hoop piercings on her nipples
like two ruby rings I wanna break my teeth on
she’s making the poolwater boil
and I want her to suck me till she gags on my marriage

Image Credit:Derek Story

Daniel J. Flore III’s poems have appeared in many publications.  His fifth poetry book, WRITTEN IN THE DUST ON THE CEILING FAN, can be found here.