the gray matter in my brain
and the gray matter in the sky on this rainy day
melt together forming ugly gray shapes
on an ugly gray canvas
in my ugly gray mind
do you mind if I am unexceptional, colorless today?
it’s not that I am uninterested,
it’s just that, it’s not in me today
I am empty, a brittle bone
and your words will just get caught up in my spongy marrow
my mind is, well,
imagine peeling back layers of the sky
the same way you peel the layers of onion skin
the sight of my gray mind would make you cry just the same
and there is no sense in us both seeing colorblind

Image Credit:Andrey Konstantinov

Ken Tomaro is a writer living in Cleveland Ohio whose work reflects everyday life with depression. His poetry has appeared in several online and print journals and explores the common themes we all experience in life. Sometimes blunt, often dark but always grounded in reality.

He has 4 full-length collections of poetry: Home Is Where the Headstones Are, An Angry Year, Paralysis & Potholes and Perogies (through Alien Buddha Press) available on Amazon.