Something has hold of my house
rattles windows
drops branches forty feet
cats frozen mid-bite
heads hover above feast
roof intact-more debris I’ve not seen
a blow hard wind, a gust

Smattering of wax over cake
my brother blows hard breath
covers fire, saliva
extinguishes candles, no one
balks at eating blue frosting

Elephant huffs sand across cage floor
hay gone, trunk-finger picks up
minute grains, dexterity impressive
to mouth, to water trough, deeply
sucks, in a flash – blows hard, sprays
unwitting crowd, do elephants laugh?

Image Credit:Cristobal Baeza

Julie A. Dickson is a poet and writer of YA fiction, based on personal experiences of bullying, mixed with fantasy and magic. Her poetry appears in over 50 journals, including Misfit, Sledgehammer, Open Door, etc. She is a push cart nominee, past poetry board member, advocate for captive elephants and companion of two rescued feral cats. Writers write.