the british love
of aching lawns
stretching out in
suburban paradises
aching to gardeners
the garden cities laze
criss-crossing patterns
in the pools of your
tracing lawns of aching
the british love to ache
for you’re in lazy pools
lazy repossessions hint
that under the lazy pools
blood and sinew ache
the garden cities ache
paradises ache the british
love the lazy repossessions
tracing lawns of aching
paradises ache under
the british love to garden
blood and sinew ache now
all the lazy repossessions.

Image Credit:Dejan Zakic

Clive is a 64-year-old innovative writer and poet with five poetry books to his name. He has an innovative poetry MA and a BA (First Class) in Creative Writing from the University of Bedfordshire. For most of his working life he was a journalist. Some of Clive's books can be obtained here: